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As a farmer, you know that having clear and instant communication between your workers is essential to ensure a successful harvest. We have two-way radios that allow you to communicate with your team, even when they are in remote locations on your farm.
We carry a range of two way radios designed for use on farms, with features such as long battery life, durability, and easy-to-use buttons. We carry top-of-the-line radios from trusted brands like Inrico, Hytera, Icom and Belfone.  Reach out to us if you have any questions about how our radios can help your business personnel and resources to stay productive and safe on the farm.

Benefits of Two Way Radios for Farmers

Improved Communications and coordination between workers and equipment operators

Increased productivity and efficiency on the farm

Improved safety for workers and livestock

Reduced costs compared to other communication systems

Types of Two Way Radios for Farms

Traditional Two Way Radios vs. Push-to-talk over Cellular radios vs. Smartphone: Know how they compare, and choose the best for your business.

LMR vs. PoC vs. Smartphones

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Two Way Radio for your Farm

Range and coverage

Two-way radios can provide coverage over several miles, making them an essential tool for farmers working in remote areas. However, ensuring a reliable two way radio network coverage often involves additional expenses for base stations or repeaters. This could be costly. This is why we recommend Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) two way radios for farmers, as they ensure reliable coverage nationwide. Note that considering battery life will only apply if you are seeking a portable radio, as mobile radios receive power from the vehicle.

Battery life and durability

Long battery life ensures that radios are always available when needed, while easily replaceable batteries make it easy to keep radios charged and functioning even during long work days. Consider pairing a couple extra batteries. Extra batteries are available for sale and rentals via Expert Mobile Communications.

Frequency and licensing requirements

Traditional two way radios operate on frequencies, which are mostly licensed by the government. Failure to comply with radio licensing regulations can result in interference with other radio systems and legal penalties, which can be costly. Alternatively, a PoC radio does not operate on frequencies, which helps alleviate the potential cost of having to license a radio or paying penalties for unlicensed devices.

Durability and weather resistance

Farmers work in all kinds of weather conditions, and their equipment must be able to withstand harsh environments. Two-way radios with rugged construction and waterproof ratings can help ensure they remain functional in any condition. Expert Mobile carries radio options in this category.

Compatibility with other communications systems

Before you buy a new two way radio, ensure the new radio can be integrated with the old devices already on your network. Failure to do this could result in further expenses on upgrades. PoC radios are designed to work seamlessly with smartphones, LMRs, and other (PoC) systems, enabling farmers and workers in food processing plants to expand the coverage and capabilities of their communications systems. The ability to integrate with other systems can also enhance safety by enabling emergency notifications and location tracking.

You don't need to buy. You can also rent our two way radios during harvest season when you need it the most.

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Why PoC radios are the best choice for farms

PoC (or Push-to-talk over Cellular) is a communication system that enables two-way radio communication over cellular networks, similar to a traditional two way radio or walkie-talkie. PoC technology uses data networks to transmit voice, eliminating the need for traditional radio frequencies and licenses.

Nationwide signal coverage and range

PoC radios use cell towers to operate. This gives you nationwide coverage, eliminating the need for traditional radio frequencies and licenses.

Improved workflow management 

With PoC radios, farmers can quickly and easily communicate tasks with their team regardless of where they are working on or off the farm for maximum productivity.

Rich data and tracking features

PoC devices come with rich features like GPS tracking and real-time location sharing, enabling farmers to make more informed decisions about task assignments and resource allocation.

Two Way Radio Devices for Farms

Best portable PoC devices for your farm

Portable Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) devices that come with rich features, including: 3G/4G/LTE cellular connectivity, Wi-Fi connectivity, Global Server Network, loud audio output, GPS support, SOS emergency button, rugged design, IP54 waterproof, and so much more.

Best mobile PoC device for your farm

Mobile PoC devices that come with 3G/4G/LTE cellular connectivity, Wi-Fi connectivity, Global Server Network, loud audio output, GPS support, SOS emergency button, 12 volt power for mobile use, and so much more.

Best LMR devices for your farm

Consider our most affordable options of mobile and portable traditional two way radios for your farm. Some features include: 1024 channel capacity, VHF and UHF, up to 18 hours battery life, 50 watts high power, 2 DMR timeslots, user friendly interface that allows for easy switching between name and frequency, and so much more useful features.