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We sell and service a wide range of wireless communications technologies that keep you connected reliably. Whether you're an individual, a large or small business, we've got a simple solution to meet your  communications needs.

Two Way Radios

We supply every type of two way radio you need for your communications plan, including: Intrinsically Safe  (IS) portable radios, handheld radios, GMRS, CB radios, mobile radios for resource roads, repeaters and more.

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PoC Radios

PoC (Push to talk over Cellular) enables reliable wireless communications across the entire country. It is a solution for when you want a two way radio with smartphone capabilities. Mobile and portable models available.

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Cell Boosters

We understand that not all areas have strong signals, we provide a means for you to boost your connections with in-building boosters for cabins, cottages, rural areas with poor cell signals and mobile boosters for all vehicular applications.

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Wireless Supply

We supply everything you need for your wireless communications project, including: ultra-low loss coaxial cables, connectors, antennas and mounts, etc. Also, feel free to reach out for a quote or a quick chat about your needs.

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Need an installation?

Our workshop and knowledgeable manpower can accommodate two way radio installations for any type of vehicle. We also accommodate cell booster installations for homes, offices, industrial/commercial facilities and any type of vehicle (including boats, trucks and RVs).

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Our Services


Have you got a two way radio that needs repairs? Give us a call or use our online request formto tell us about the issue and arrange the repair of your equipment.


Two way radio programming of standard AB/BC list, Private list or any other list is a service we offer. Whether you're bringing your own or purchasing from us, we can help. Learn more.


We offer installations of the products we carry for your personal, or a commercial fleet vehicles ranging from cars, trucks, RVs, up to boats and even trains. Learn more.


Choose from professional portable radios, mobile radios and more - available for your worry-free use. All our rental radios are licensed! Check out our rental services.


We have a network of partners that offer various Fleet Tracking solutions, which improve the productivity, agility, and responsiveness of your organization. Learn more.


We offer repeater sales and services that enhance the coverage of your existing voice communications ecosystem. Learn more

PoC Services

PoC (Push to talk over Cellular) enables reliable communications across the entire country. Mobile and portable radios available. Learn more

Tower Services

We offer rentals of tower space for client owned equipment plus the option of multi-coupling to our existing antennas. Learn more


We are a TELUS Authorized Dealer with all the same products and solutions as any TELUS store. Explore TELUS Business & TELUS Personal.

24/7 Emergency Services Available

We have a dedicated service team that can assist you with your communications needs anytime.

If you require after hours assistance, please contact us at +1 (780) 539-3962

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Our Installation Services

We offer installations of all the products we carry in our store into your vehicle, home or facility as needed. Contact us or complete a form to reserve your spot.

Two Way & PoC Radio

Our service centre can handle installations of two way radios and PoC radios into any type of vehicle, whether it be personal or commercial fleet vehicles, including cars, trucks, tractors, boats, RVs, etc. We can also install onsite at your facility. Bring your device or purchase from us. Learn more about our two way radio products and services.

Cell Booster

Cell booster installations are one of our most popular requests. While cell booster installations could be relatively easy to do on your own, please reach out to us if you need our professional assistance. We've already installed into a wide variety of vehicles, including boats, trucks and RVs. Learn more about our mobile cell boosters or inbuilding cell boosters.

Fleet Tracking & ELD

We install all the Fleet Tracking devices we carry, including GeoTab and Fleet Complete Electronic Logging Devices (ELD). ELDs are used to record data for vehicles and equipment used to know the location of your vehicles and crew, their productivity, and all the fleet metrics you need. Learn more about our fleet tracking and ELD solutions.