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Hytera I.S. Behind The Head Headset
Great for high noise environments, such as airports, ports, and construction sites.
512.00 512.0 CAD
Hytera Rapid Rate Gang Charger
The charger allows you to charge six batteries or radios simultaneously. It can be installed on the wall or desktop.
425.00 425.0 CAD
Hytera PD5 UL913 Battery
2000mAh battery that complies with ib ⅡB Ex standards. Compatible with Hytera Portable Two Way Radios: PD502, PD602, PD662, PD682 UL913.
170.00 170.0 CAD
Wirox 12.5 Amp Female Cig Plug Power Supply
This AC to DC converter is a 12v car cigarette lighter adapter that powers any car cigarette lighter for car appliances.
59.99 59.99 CAD
Hytera Replacement Clear Earpiece Tube
Works with all 2-wire clear acoustic tube earpiece found in our shop.
9.00 9.0 CAD