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To request our services, you can give us a call during business hours (+1 (780) 539-3962) or send us an email. However, if you would like to get a head start, we can learn a lot about your needs via the forms below.

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Services you can request from Expert Mobile Communications

Industries We Serve


Kindergartens, Middle Schools, High Schools, (K-12), Private Schools, Public Schools, Higher Education, Daycare, Childcare Facilities, Colleges, Trade Schools, Learning Centre, Test Centre, Tutoring, Universities, Special Education, Camps, Academies, Sports Training Centre


Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Casinos, Golf Courses, Stadiums, Arenas, Amusement Parks, Sporting Venues, Ski Resorts, Ski Areas, Theatres, Movie Theatres, Concerts, Catering, Restaurants, Quick Serve Restaurants, Fast Food, Country Clubs, Cruise Ships, Theme Parks, Zoos, Bars, Pubs, Night Clubs


Apartments, Commercial Buildings, Condos, Building Managers, Office Building, Public Prisons, Jails, Prison Transport, Court Houses, Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, Gyms, Fitness Centre, Convention Centre, Data Centre, Campuses, Museums, Libraries, Corporate Headquarters, Parking Garages, Dispensaries


Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Surgical Centre, Ambulatory Services, Blood Banks, Clinics, Medical Offices, Hospice, Imaging and Radiology Centre, Treatment Centre, Rehabilitation Centre, Urgent Care, Mental Health Facilities


Underground Mines, Open Surface (pit), Placer, In-Situ Mining, Off-Shore Mining,

Utilities & Public Works

Gas, Water, Streets, Power, Electricity, Phone, Cable, Sanitation, Snow Plowing, Garbage, Waste Management, Water Works, National Parks, Parks, Animal Control, Recreational Facilities

Petrochemical / Oil & Gas

Industrials Sector, Oil and Gas Refineries, Coal, Nuclear, Natural Gas, Plastics, Above Ground and Below Ground Mines, Hazard Chemical Production

Transportation & Logistics

Airlines, Trucking, Rail/Train, Airport Support, Cross Docking, Towing, Delivery Services, Limos, Buses, Private Fleet, Ports, Taxis

Retail & Distribution

Warehouses, Distribution Centre, Automobile Dealers, Clothing Retail, Security Operations, Loss Prevention, Malls, Shopping Centre, Grocery, Food Distributors, Car Dealerships, Financial Institutions, Banks, Liquor Stores, Grocery Stores, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Breweries, Dispensaries

Farms & Food Processing

Agrichemicals, Agricultural Construction, Farm Machinery and Supplies, Seed, Meat Farms, Grain Mills, Fruit and Vegetable Processing, Dairy Processing Plants, Slaughterhouses, Fish Processing Plants, Bakeries, Sugar Confectioneries, .


Tradeshows, Meetings and Conventions, Concerts, Festivals and Fairs, Races, Awards Shows, Golf Tournaments, Sporting Events, Marathons, 5K/10K Races, Triathlons, Film Productions, Reunions, Car Shows, Industrial Turn-Arounds, School and Religious Activities


Commercial, Residential, Civil, Infrastructure, Roads and Highways, Bridges, Supplies, Electrical and Mechanical, Landscaping, Water and Sewer, General Contractors, Developers, Architects

Public Safety

Police, Fire, EMT, First Responders, 911 Centre, EMS, Paramedics, Campus Police, Ski Patrol, Lifeguards, Fire Departments, Police Departments, Coast Guard, Military, Private Security, Wildlife and Game


Heavy, Industrial, Food, Transportation, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Aerospace, Solar, Paper Mills, Lumber Yards, Furniture, Toys, Clothing