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Our engineers are experienced with every business, commercial and professional two way radio that has existed in the last 30+ years. Whatever radios you have, Expert Mobile Communications can program it.

Note that every time we program a radio, we also check for compliance. This means you can be 100% sure of your compliance with Industry Canada's radio regulations.

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Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada - Spectrum Management (ISED) Licence Compliance

Expert Mobile Communications can provide all the necessary radio licensing compliance information to ensure you're fully compliant. Learn more about why two way radios are licensed in Canada or call us to have a chat with an expert.

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Get your radios programmed swiftly and efficiently at Expert Mobile Communications! We cover all NW Alberta and NE British Columbia Log Haul Oilfield Road radio channels, as well as company-specific and rental channels tailored exclusively for you and your team. With our prompt service, your radios can be ready within the hour. 

​Choose from multiple convenient options to access our programming services: walk-in, schedule for a later date, request a quote via online form, or simply give us a call. Reach out to us today and experience our streamlined programming solutions!


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