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Inrico B01 Android/iOS Bluetooth Microphone
Recommended for use with portable and mobile Inrico PoC Radios. However, this device is designed to connect with any Bluetooth enabled device.
99.98 99.98 CAD
Inrico TM7 Desk Microphone (RJ45)
Compatible with older versions of the Inrico TM-7 Plus mobile PoC radios.
89.98 89.98 CAD
Inrico TM-7 / TM-9 Desk Microphone (Circular)
Operate your mobile radios with convenience on a desk. Compatible with both Inrico TM 7Plus and TM-9 mobile PoC radios.
89.98 89.98 CAD
Inrico B01 Android Only - Bluetooth Microphone
Compatible with all Inrico: Portable and Mobile PoC Radios
89.98 89.98 CAD
Wirox 12.5 Amp Female Cig Plug Power Supply
This AC to DC converter is a 12v car cigarette lighter adapter that powers any car cigarette lighter for car appliances.
59.99 59.99 CAD
Inrico TM-7 / TM-9 Microphone (Circular)
Replacement microphone for your Inrico mobile PoC radios. Compatible with Inrico TM 7Plus and Inrico TM-9 mobile PoC radios.
54.98 54.980000000000004 CAD
Inrico TM-7 Plus Microphone (RJ45)
Compatible with older versions of Inrico TM 7Plus mobile radios.
36.98 36.980000000000004 CAD
Inrico Bluetooth PTT Button
Bluetooth PTT button that is compatible with any Inrico PoC radio, mobile and portable options.
34.98 34.980000000000004 CAD
Inrico Mobile PoC Radio Power Cable
compatible with the Inrico TM 7plus and TM9 mobile radios.
23.98 23.98 CAD
Inrico Mobile 4G Antenna
Compatible with Inrico TM-7Plus and TM-9 mobile radios.
19.98 19.98 CAD