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Two Way Radios & Accessories for Rent

Mobile Two Way Radios for Rent

Mobile two-way truck radios are a cost-efficient way to keep you and your team safely communicating. Programmable with all the NW Alberta and NE British Columbia Log Haul Oilfield Road radio channels we can have radios ready for you within the hour! Programmable with company specific channels, rental channels for just you and your team and many more! Designed to be installed in any vehicle and connected to an external antenna mounted to the vehicles window or slip tank.

Portable Two Way Radios for Rent (Non I.S.)

Portable rugged two way radios are also available for rentals. These radios are for when you need traditional two way radios that do not need to be CSA rated Intrinsically Safe.

Intrinsically Safe (I.S.) Portable Radios for Rent

Intrinsically safe two-way radios are designed to be used safely in potentially explosive atmospheres. Insured to not create a spark if dropped and not emit an electrical charge when in operation. Eliminating the option of making a potentially hazardous situation even more dangerous.

Intrinsically Safe Extra Batteries for Rent

Intrinsically safe batteries are designed not to produce sparks or release any energy in potentially explosive atmospheres. Keeping you and your team safe even in extreme work environments.

Portable Two Way Radio Gang Chargers for Rent

Battery-specific Gang Chargers have the ability to charge six batteries or handheld radios simultaneously, whilst detecting the battery type and assigning the appropriate mode.

PoC Radios & Accessories for Rent

Portable PoC Radios for Rent

Push-to-talk over radios provide clear push-to-talk communication, instant group calling, location tracking. Providing range across the entire country and run off of the cellular network.

Mobile PoC Radios for Rent

PoC radios that come with all the same functionality of our portable PoC radios, designed to be installed into any vehicle or truck.

Portable PoC Radio Gang Chargers for Rent

We rent battery-specific gang chargers, which have the ability to charge up to eight batteries or handheld radios simultaneously, whilst detecting the battery type and assigning the appropriate charging mode.

Cell Boosters for Rent

In-Building Cell Boosters for Rent

In-building cell phone boosters ensure everyone has a reliable connection to their mobile device, eliminate dead zones and improve cellular data speed in the desired building.

Vehicle Cell Boosters for Rent

A wireless vehicle booster is a wireless multi-user solution allowing our customers to stay connected even in the weakest of signal environments. Ideally for cell phone vehicle systems, GPS apps, hands free and increasing range in remote areas.

Other Wireless Communications Equipment for Rent

Data Hubs for Rent

We carry wireless modems that uses cellular data so you can work remotely and stay connected, available for rent.

Satellite Phones and Devices for Rent

We carry everything you need to stay connected and secure when venturing beyond cell coverage, including rental satellite GPS messengers and satellite phones.

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Whether you need  two way radios  to manage an event, a  data hub  to enhance your wireless communications on-site,  tower space  to maintain your own radio equipment and services, etc., Expert Mobile has various options available to meet your communications needs.

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