Improving Your Customer Experience with Two-Way Radios

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Improving Your Customer Experience with Two-Way Radios
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According to Customer Experience Magazine, Customer experience has become a key differentiator more important than price and product, because a great overall customer experience can drive your business earnings in a way that consistently generates growth. When customers have a positive experience at their visit, they are more likely to return, become loyal, and share their experience with others.

This fact cuts across both online and physical business environments. However, this article purely addresses businesses with a physical presence.

The relationship between an effective communications system and customer experience is pretty obvious. A happy customer is a repeat customer with positive interactions with your business. Did their questions get answered correctly and instantly? Did they find what they were looking for without too much hassle? How long did they wait in line before having their issues dealt with? It is important to remember you can't build relationship with customers in silence. Our two way radios help employees quickly, efficiently and discreetly address the daily challenges of providing excellent customer service, while reducing costs and ensuring safety and security. When done correctly, communications can evoke powerful emotions in your audience and shape the image of your brand. Here are some major ways two way radios help improve your customer experience.

Realize Enhanced Workflows

The use of two way radios empowers your staff with instant access to task assignments and eliminates the risk of low quality calls from surrounding interference normally experiences in mobile communications that rely on LTE services.

Two way radios have been created with this functionality in mind. It integrates premium technology that ensures voice transmissions are loud and clear. You can also switch between individual or group mode - for instances where the information passed is relevant for multiple workers in your communications ecosystem.

Save Costs with Durable and Flexible Models

Our two way radios are designed to be rugged, and do not have to be replaced frequently. We carry various models suited for various types of business activities. Unlike smartphones, no monthly service payments are needed for our two way radios to function, significantly reducing your operational expenses and enabling quick return on investment.

While our Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) services come with a small fee (since it needs cellular service to operate), its instant communications and rich-features far outweigh the small fees. You will find that our PoC radios are priced more affordably than smartphones, while delivering similar services you get from a two way radio plus intelligent features that cannot be found in any two-way radio.

Communicate Instantly with Ease

Two way radios enable you to receive or send communications instantly at the easy push of a button. This is perhaps the most important benefit of two way radios over other forms of mobile wireless communications. Their Push-To-Talk or PTT functionality enables speedy resolution of incidents, which has the potential to significantly improve customer service. There is no lag unlike mobile phones that require stored or entered numbers to be dialed, and then the receiver still has the choice to pick-up or end the call.

Our radios are also designed to communicate urgent alerts, such as "Man-Down" for example. This instantly alerts everyone on the network that an emergency has occurred, bringing more safety and security assurance to your workforce.

Communicate with Groups

By programming a group of radios to the same frequencies, multiple users are able to engage in a single conversation at one time, providing an easy way to broadcast memos that are relevant for all the workers in your network. This is particularly relevant for a range of business applications, including in hotels, schools and even retail settings.

The option to communicate to groups provides convenience and saves time. Our PoC services takes this feature to higher standards by also allowing text and multimedia to be shared in group mode along with voice communications.

The Bottom-Line

Two way radios enable your operations to run smoothly, your employees working at their peak efficiencies, and your costs under control. Here are some practical benefits.

Real-time shop-floor assistance and workflow management

When using two-way radios, a sales assistant at your store can readily answer customer inquiries without having to leave their station. For example, a customer might want to know if an item is on sale (as they saw advertized at a different store). The sales assistant can then radio their supervisor in real-time to find out more. Similarly, a customer might be at checkout but was unable to find all that they wanted to purchase. The cashier can then radio for an assistant to point the customer in the right direction all within seconds without having a negative impact on other customers in line at checkout.

Reduced queues at checkout

A lot of things can go wrong in queues when they are not being managed, especially during festive times, but two way radios can help resolve these issues. 

Two way radios enable easy management of expectations at instances where there is a queue, enabling staff to seamlessly identify and communicate bottlenecks. For instance, if there is only one staff at the till, they can quickly communicate the need to split the queue for a more efficient flow at the till, helping customers to proceed quicker.

Seamless stock room management

With our two way radio systems, supervisors can ensure tasks are prioritized and carried out according to the needs of the store and customers. Job tickets can be set up and assigned by the supervisor, and accepted through a two way radio by the sales assistant or cashier on the shop floor.

Our PoC radios also deliver metrics and data that are useful for dispatching. Supervisors are able to manage tasks through an easy dashboard interface useful for tracking tasks to see how many are in progress or complete, giving an overall view of performance.

Improved customer satisfaction

When customers consistently receive instant responses to their needs and no hassle in their interactions with your business, they are happier and tend to feel more satisfied. At each point of contact, retail staff should be ready to dialogue with and support customers at your store with their specific needs. This translates to better public ratings and positive word of mouth promotions of your business.

It's time to enhance your customer experience with our two way radios! Reach out to us if you have any questions about how our two way radios can help improve your customer experience.

You can also learn more about two way radios, and our PoC radio solutions.

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