Is Your Business Compliant with Transport Canada's ELD mandate?

Geotab and Fleet Complete listed as certified Canadian ELD
December 12, 2022 by
Is Your Business Compliant with Transport Canada's ELD mandate?
Expert Mobile Communications Ltd.
As a provider of fleet complete services, we are pleased to announce that all the ELD devices we offer are amongst the list of certified electronic logging devices captured in Transport Canada's Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate.

As of January 2023, Transport Canada has implemented a new mandate requiring all commercial vehicles to be equipped with electronic logging devices (ELDs). This mandate is intended to improve safety on the roads by ensuring that drivers are not exceeding their allowable hours of service.

One way that businesses can comply with this mandate and improve the safety and efficiency of their fleets is by taking advantage of the fleet tracking services we offer. We are authorized dealers in:

  • TELUS Fleet Complete ELD devices; and
  • Geotab’s range of electronic logging device hardware and software.
One of the smallest and most cost-effective equipment trackers on the market, Asset Tracker AT1 provides you an unparalleled competitive insight over your high-value assets in the field. Instantly locate and check the status of machinery, equipment, tools and toolboxes, cargo, and more, all from your mobile device.

These services provide real-time tracking of vehicles and drivers, allowing managers to monitor their whereabouts and ensure that they are not exceeding their hours of service.

With expert mobile communications, businesses can also monitor other important aspects of their fleet operations, such as vehicle maintenance, fuel usage, and driver performance. This can help them identify potential problems and take steps to address them before they become serious issues.

In addition to the safety benefits of fleet tracking, it can also help businesses save money. By monitoring fuel usage and identifying inefficiencies in routing, businesses can reduce their fuel costs and improve their bottom line.

Overall, Expert Mobile Communication's fleet tracking services are an important tool for businesses looking to comply with Transport Canada's ELD mandate and improve the safety and efficiency of their fleet operations. By providing real-time tracking and monitoring of business assets, vehicles and drivers, these services can help businesses protect their drivers, their investment and the public, while also saving money and boosting their bottom line.

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Watch this video to better understand the Canada ELD mandate and learn about:

  • Background and timeline
  • Key differences between the U.S. and Canadian legislation
  • How to prepare.
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