Win six PoC radios for a year at 2023 Foster's Peace Country Classic Agri-show
March 9 to 11, 2023

This promo has ended. Winner announced today: 11 March, 2023

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Expert Mobile Communications invites you to join us at the Foster's Peace Country Classic Agri-show from March 9-11 at Evergreen Park. We will be showcasing the latest in connectivity technology, offering hands-on demonstrations of the best wireless communications solutions to enhance the productivity and safety of farm workers and food processing plants. One lucky winner will be going away with their choice of six PoC radios to use for a year, including a year of FREE Inrico PTT subscription per radio.

Products we will be showcasing include the following:

Brands featured at 2023 Foster's Peace Country Classic Agri-show

We are in good company

One lucky winner will be going away with their choice of six PoC radios to use for a year, along with their full subscriptions and Expert Mobile support, all FREE for a year.

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A lucky winner will receive six PoC radios to use for a year, as well as one-year subscription for each radio. The best part is that the winner gets to choose which six radios they would like to take home.

You could win any six of the following radios for a year:

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Deadline to sign up is 11 March, 2023

A video recording of the draw selection process will be posted on our social media platforms, after which we will contact the winner to pick up their winnings.

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