Radio Donation to Ukraine

August 31, 2022 by
Radio Donation to Ukraine
Expert Mobile Communications Ltd.

Recognizing the crucial role that charity and donations have played historically in aiding and alleviating humanitarian crises, Expert Mobile Communications donated a number of portable radios that are now helping the Ukrainians in their war efforts, as they defend themselves from the ongoing Russian invasion. When we learned that the Ukrainian military was not adequately equipped to defend themselves, we responded as humanitarians by contributing what we do best in order to help improve their fighting chance.

Wireless communications has proven to be one of the most important technologies in ensuring public safety, since it facilitates the operation of almost every resource utilized by our brave protectors and their intelligent tools. From our 911 departments at home to military campaigns abroad, the ability to communicate wirelessly has aided both personnel and their tools in carrying out their duties, which in-turn helps ensure national security. Today, emergency personnel are better organized in their efforts to protect civilians at home, while military units abroad can send and receive more intelligent information that are critical to mission successes. Wireless communications are also fundamental for all functions and operations of unmanned vehicles and machines that help protect the public, both home and abroad.


Photos: Ukrainian military personnel as they pose with radios donated by Expert Mobile Communications

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