Imperative Steps to Fleet Success

You, the client are responsible for setting-up and completing your training. Knowing how to use the software is imperative for success, as you know your business, and can therefore manage your fleet better than any external party. To get Fleet Complete training, go (Choose training then register for a session).

Once you have completed Training, and have found no resolution to your issue through all available trainings, proceed to step 2. Checkmark (above) to proceed.
Detail what’s not working, then contact Fleet Complete. For instance, you can specify what unit is not working in FC Hub by highlighting the problem unit: modem, asset tracking, maintenance, etc. or for Big Road ELD specify via Log Books - for example: Driver Bluetooth Connect.
Fleet Complete contact information for escalating your unit not working:
Email: or Phone: 1-888-989-0192

After contacting Fleet Complete, proceed to the next step for how to deal with issues not resolved on call. Checkmark (above) to proceed.
When you reach out to Fleet Complete to raise your issue, a case number will be given to you, which includes your document case number, as well as the date and time of call. Fleet Complete targets a 48hr response time.

If you have contacted Fleet Complete, and the issue was not resolved on call make a note of your case # and date/time of call. Checkmark (above) to proceed to the next step.
Training and escalating your issue directly through the service provider can be done freely on your own. However, in the rare event that your issue has still not been resolved at this point, Expert Mobile Communications can assist, so that you can continue realizing the full benefits of your Fleet Tracking and ELDs.

When requesting assistance from Expert Mobile Communications, begin by sending an email to your Expert Mobile Sales Rep., ensuring you include the following information:
- Detail the issue you are experiencing
- Case # of the issue
- Date & time of case
- Email your Expert Mobile Sales Rep. If you do not have the email of your sales rep, feel free to email our general mailbox, and we'll help forward your email accordingly. Our general mailbox is:

Provide your information below to get in our database for whenever you need assistance from Expert Mobile Communications, then checkmark (above) to proceed to the next step.
Choose the Sales Representative from Expert Mobile Communications with whom you have been in contact from the list.
By undergoing training, you can resolve most potential issues with Fleet Complete on your own. Getting training is the best way to prevent future issues that may arise (see step 1 for how to access training), as you know more about your business than any one else. For instance, your truck locations are confidential within your organization. Transactions are also known only to your insiders, who handle business operations.
So if you do not train, you won’t be successful with Step 3.
If you have not complete all the steps in this process, Expert Mobile Communications may charge a fee in order to assist you further. When requesting assistance from Expert Mobile, our fee is $85.00/hr. Furthermore, we will also be requiring you to let us know what/where your unit is, as well as all information necessary to resolving your issue at the time.

If you understand and agree with all our Imperative Steps to Fleet Success, checkmark (above) and "Submit".
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