WilsonPro 4G Signal M2M Direct Connect Booster Kit


Stop wasting time and losing money on interrupted data transfers. Signal 4G provides a stronger, more reliable cellular data signal to keep your devices running seamlessly

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    Booster Brand: Wilson Pro
    Booster Connectors: Both SMA Female
    Booster Impedance: 50 Ohm

    Product Description

    Ideal for custom-designed IoT communication systems built within tightly constrained spaces, the IoT 5-Band cell signal amplifier’s power, and compact design make it a trustworthy “Direct-Connect” solution.

    Compatible with all Canadian carrier networks and equipped with an impressive uplink power of up to 25 dBm and up to 15 dB max gain, the IoT 5-Band connects directly with cellular modems to ensure strong, reliable connectivity in weak signal environments. In the event of a power failure, the passive RF bypass failover feature allows the cellular modem to keep going to help guarantee successful IoT data transfer.

    The IoT 5-Band’s compact form factor is ideal for custom-designed IoT communication systems built within tightly constrained spaces. ISED certified, the IoT 5-Band allows OEMs to source a compact, powerful, and highly compatible cell signal amplifier that comes ready to deploy. In locations where cellular connectivity is adversely affected by distance to cell towers, terrain obstructions, or building materials (like concrete and steel), the IoT 5-Band is a proven go-to solution.

    Spec Sheet


    • Great for Smart Hubs and Cellular Internet modems
    • Direct connect amplifier - connects directly to data modem
    • Improves transmissions speeds while reducing resending of data
    • Configurable to fit virtually any M2M (machine to machine) install
    • Boosts 4G,3G, and 2G for all carriers
    • Bi-directional amplified signals to and from the cell tower
    • Auto-power control ensures maximum output
    • Now with passive RF bypass failover. If the Signal 4G loses power, the amplifier is “bypassed” so that the external antenna maintains a connection to the modem.

    Kit Contents

    WilsonPro Signal 4G M2M Direct Connect 5 Band Booster Kit. Includes

    • 4″ Mini Magnet Antenna
    • 3 Feet RG174 Cable with SMA Male
    • 5V AC/DC Power Supply.