Hytera PD562i UL I.S. VHF Portable Radio


Lightweight, robust digital two-way radio with I.S rating and 512 channels.

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    Frequency Band: VHF
    Radio Brand: Hytera
    Channel Capacity: 512
    Intrinscally Safe: Yes

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    Product Description

    Packed with functionality, the Hytera PD562i portable digital radio impresses with its safety features and flexibility to support for both digital and analog communications, ideal for manufacturing, events and hospitality environments.

    Technical Information

    Please contact us if you need more technical information about this product.

    • Size 4.52" x 2.12" x 1.18"; Weight 9.87oz (with 1500mAh battery)
    • 3-line monochrome display with limited keypad 
    • Dual mode (analog& digital) 
    • 512 channels, 32 zones
    • 1024 contacts in digital mode
    • 12.5/25kHz selectable channel spacing
    • Battery life: operates 16hours under a 5-5-90 duty cycle @1500mAh in digital mode
    • Digital voice call function
    • Receive and display text message 
    • Pre-programmable text message encode (256 characters)
    • Mixed mode scanning (Analog and Digital channel)
    • One touch call/text message
    • MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G standards 
    • IP54 Compliant
    • VOX
    • Multiple analog signaling modes (2 Tone, 5 Tone, HDC1200)
    • Scramble 
    • Radio Check
    • Pseudo Trunk
    • Roaming in multi-site repeater system 
    • Audio Feedback Suppressors
    • Single site XPT Trunking mode (license required)