President Johnny III AM CB Radio

Small but mighty! This CB Radio has all the features you'll ever need in a radio, including: channel changing microphone, weather alert, selectable display colour and PA speaker functions.

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    Product Description & Key Features

    Presenting the President Johnny III USA - a new addition to the President CB radio lineup. This compact, user-friendly, and modern-looking model comes with the added advantage of compatibility with both 12-volt and 24-volt power sources.

    For those utilizing heavy machinery or farm equipment powered by 24 volts, this radio stands out as one of the limited options available. With no requirement for an adapter, the radio is ready to use right out of the box. Check out some key features of the President Johnny III CB Radio:

    • 40 channels AM
    • Vox Function (Hands Free)
    • Public Address Speaker Ready with loudspeaker jack
    • Manual squelch and ASC
    • Multi-function LCD display
    • ANL filter, NB Noise Filtering
    • Front Microphone Plug
    • Scan
    • Priority channel memory
    • F function key

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