President George AM/FM/SSB CB Radio

This radio is loaded with features like FM mode and CTCSS tones to give you clearer transmissions, and added privacy.

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    Product Description & Key Features

    The George FCC incorporates President's latest innovations, including the Noise Reduction Circuit and Scan Skip. In FM mode, users experience superior audio quality with reduced susceptibility to electrical or atmospheric interference compared to AM transmissions. While AM offers extended range, FM maintains consistent audio quality over longer distances.

    The integration of CTCSS and DCS in FM mode enhances privacy and minimizes interference by assigning unique tones or codes to transmissions. This ensures that only users with the corresponding code can hear the transmitted signal, effectively eliminating cross-talk and unwanted interference from others on the same channel. Check out some key features of the PRESIDENT George AM/FM/SSB CB Radio:

    • AM / FM / USB / LSB / WX / PA Modes
    • CTCSS Tones & DCS
    • Scan & Scan Skip
    • Vox (Hands-free voice activation)

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