Wirox 1.2m/4ft (N Male/TNC Male) LMR240 Equivalent Low Loss Coaxial Cable


Offers compatibility with devices that feature a TNC Female connector, making it ideal for connecting to wireless communication devices, antennas, and more.

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    Product Description

    The Wirox 1.2m/4ft Coaxial Cable with its N Male and TNC Male connectors and LMR240 equivalent specifications ensures reliable signal transmission with minimal loss. Whether for wireless networking, RF communication systems, amateur radio, or other applications, this cable is a reliable choice for high-performance signal connections

    LMR & LMR-240® is a registered trademark of Times Microwave Systems

    Technical Information

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    Cable Type:
    Connector 1:
    N Male
    Connector 2:
    TNC Male
    Outer Diameter:
    .24" or 6.1 mm
    50 Ohm
    Total Cable Assembly Loss:
    0.451 dB