Wirox Hytera BD5 Series (QD) Headset Cable


For easily connecting and disconnecting your audio accessory with your Hytera BD5 Series Portable Two Way Radio.

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    This combination does not exist.

    Radio Brand: Hytera

    Product Description

    Experience seamless and hassle-free audio connectivity with our specially designed cable for the Wirox Behind the head Dual Muff Headset (sold separately). This cable allows for easy and quick connection and disconnection of your audio accessory. With a firm and secure connection, it is suitable for various situations, ensuring reliable performance every time. Stay connected and enhance your communication experience with our high-quality cable.

    This cable must be paired with Hytera BD5 Series Portable Two-Way Radios.


    • Reinforced firm connector grip
    • Coily cord for convenience
    • High quality cable components.

    Additional Information

    Please contact us if you want more information.

    Connector #1:Mini XLR 5pin plug (To Headset)
    Connector #2:
    Hytera BD5 Series Audio Jack.

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