President George AM/FM/SSB CB Radio
This radio is loaded with features like FM mode and CTCSS tones to give you clearer transmissions, and added privacy.
399.99 399.99 CAD
President McKinley AM/SSB CB Radio
Meet the SSB CB Champion in a league of it's own - Now with Front-Mounted Speaker! Experience AM/SSB Modes, Weather Radio, and an Instant Channel 9/19 Switch.
299.99 299.99 CAD
President Walker III AM/FM CB Radio
Packed with sought-after attributes like built-in weather functionality. This is a CB radio designed for all.
249.99 249.99 CAD
President Randy II AM/FM Portable CB Radio
The one and only handheld CB radio that offers both AM and FM modes.
249.99 249.99 CAD
President Harrison AM/FM CB Radio
This compact wonder packs in AM/FM/WX channels with CTCSS/DCS encoding, making your transmission smoother than ever before
239.99 239.99 CAD
President Johnson II AM CB Radio
A 40-Channel CB Radio Complete with SWR Meter. Featuring a Front-Mounted Speaker Design, Multi-Color Display, and Compatibility with 12 or 24 Volts. Includes Weather Radio Functionality.
219.99 219.99 CAD
President Bill II AM/FM CB Radio
Experience the convenience of the smallest AM/FM CB available today! A Compact Feature-Rich CB Radio with Weather Alerts, a Front USB Port for Phone Charging, and so much more.
179.99 179.99 CAD
President Johnny III AM CB Radio
Small but mighty! This CB Radio has all the features you'll ever need in a radio, including: channel changing microphone, weather alert, selectable display colour and PA speaker functions.
179.99 179.99 CAD
President Taylor AM CB Radio
Streamlined and User-Friendly Design with Convenient Front-Mounted USB Charging Port, Multi-Color Display, and Integrated SWR Meter.
169.99 169.99 CAD
President Thomas AM/FM CB Radio
Compact, powerful, and equipped with a high-current USB jack and vibrant color-changing display, it's the ultimate radio upgrade for modern enthusiasts.
149.99 149.99 CAD
President Andy II AM CB Radio
Compact Radio Solution: Effortless Operation with Microphone-Controlled Channel Changes and Enhanced Readability Through Oversized Display.
139.99 139.99 CAD
President Adams AM CB Radio
Effortless Installation, User-Friendly Operation, and Enhanced Readability with Oversized Display. Equipped with Standard 4-Pin Microphone Connector.
99.99 99.99000000000001 CAD