iConvNet PoC Dispatch for PC (Per Dispatch/Monthly)


Inrico's professional Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) dispatch software for unified communications management.

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    Effective March 1, 2024 - all Inrico PoC radios purchased from us will be eligible for FREE cellular data + iConvNet PTT app for the first two months of purchase. After the first 2 months, this service will no longer be free. You will then then be required to make monthly or yearly payments to keep your services active.

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    Everyone is included! Even current users of Inrico PoC radios can benefit. Sign up for a one-year term of cell data + iConvNet PTT app and receive three months for free. This translates to payment for only nine months out of twelve! What are you waiting for? Switch your plans and opt for 1 year subscription to

    iConvNet - Professional PTT Dispatch Software 

    Step into iConvNet where communication knows no bounds. The iConvNet Dispatch serves as a centralized push-to-talk dispatch platform, automatically distributing calls to assist dispatchers in prioritizing workloads and providing faster support to the frontline. iConvNet's dispatch console is only available for installation on Windows OS. There is also  (also accessible through browser).

    Here are key features of iConvNet - Dispatch we think you'd like:
    Map Dispatch

    Map-based integration that enables GPS positioning, track playback, and map-based dispatch operations with one-click and circle selection on the operator terminal.

    Voice Dispatch

    Dispatch via full duplex, override, interrupt, ambient listening, transfer, line order, PTT individual call, and all calls.

    Message Dispatch

    Get access to dispatch via message broadcasts, individual messaging, text, photo, video, and voice notes.

    PTT Dispatch

    Dispatch intelligently via group calls, individual calls, all calls, temporary group calls, authority management (stun/kill), priority call log, multi-group monitoring, recording, SOS Alarms.

    Setup Groups and Radio Features

    When using the Dispatch software, iConvNet allows the creation of groups, adding users to the groups, as well as deploying specific features to the devices.

    Video Dispatch

    Get access to two-way video dispatch, live broadcasting, live monitoring of multi-channel videos (16 channels), video distribution and video recording.

    Patrol Management

    Manage a variety of patrol features, including: patrol point, patrol area, patrol schedule, patrol statistics and more...

    Secure Operability

    Comes with ASE256 Encryption by default, ensuring your conversations are secured.

    Device Management

    Manage devices on your network over-the-air and define their user groups/channels.

    Broadcast Messages

    iConvNet allows you to broadcast messages to groups in voice, text and videos. Broadcasts can also be scheduled for effective team planning and management.

    iConvNet - PTT Dispatch offers flexible accessibility

    iConvNet can be accessed in two ways: 1. PC software; and 2. a browser. After making payments, an Inrico representative will reach out to guide you through your initial login to the software. You will be provided a license key for the duration you have paid for, whether monthly or yearly. Contact us if you have questions.

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    Dispatch to Inrico 4g mobile PoC radios

    Dispatch to Inrico 4g portable PoC radios

    LMR and PoC Dispatch Convergence

    How to Buy This Product

    Most of the work is taken care of in the background, so you can focus on your business. Simply add this product to cart and make associated payment. This will inform one of our agents to reach out and help process your order from start to finish.

    Here's an overview of the steps it will take:
    Ensure you have a PoC radio you will be using with this PoC service

    Feel free to buy one from us if you don't already have one.

    Mobile PoC  Portable PoC

    Add this product to your cart and complete payments

    Ensure you include your accurate contact information at checkout!

    After Payment, we will contact you within 24hrs to confirm key setup information

    So we can be sure your radio is ready-to-use upon receipt. Please call us if your needs are urgent.

    Get Delivered

    Everything you ordered will be ready-to-use upon receiving your license and login key!

    Typical Service Charges: iConvNet PTT Dispatch

    Monthly Plan
    PoC RadiosDispatch ($10 per PC per month)Total Payment (per month)
    2 person team$10 x 1 dispatch*$10 + tax
    10 person team$10 x 1 dispatch*** $10 + tax

    Yearly Plan (Get 3 months FREE)
    PoC RadiosiConvNet Dispatch Software ($90 per PC per year) - ** With three months FREE (save $30)Total Payment (per year)
    2 person team*$90 x 1 dispatch (**save $30 per PC per year)$90 + tax
    10 person team*$90 x 1 dispatch (**save $30 per PC per year)*** $90 + tax
    *Dispatch is not necessary for small teams. However, large teams can greatly benefit.
    **Get 3 months FREE when you opt for a one-year subscription of cellular data + iConvNet PTT Dispatch.
    ***You do not need more that one dispatch per team. Contact us if you have questions or find learning resources from Inrico Canada blog

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