Inrico 2 Pin Mobile PoC Radio Power Cable

Compatible with the Inrico TM 7plus and TM9 mobile radios, as well as the DR10.

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    PoC Brand: Inrico

    This cable serves as a replacement part. Its already included with every purchase of the Inrico TM-7 Plus and the TM-9 mobile PoC radios.

    Product Description

    The Inrico 2-Pin Mobile PoC Radio Power Cable is designed for both the TM-7 Plus and the TM-9 PoC radios, allowing power supply to the device. While the cable is designed for easy connection to vehicles, it can also be retrofitted for connecting to building wall sockets. See below for demonstrations on how to use this cable.

    Wiring Methods

    This 2-pin power cable can be used in two ways. One to connect it to vehicles, and the other configurations allows connection to wall sockets

    Connecting to vehicles
    • Connect the red wire (BAT+) of the 2-pin cable to the positive terminal of the vehicle's power supply.
    • Connect the black wire (GND-) ground or negative pole of the vehicle's power supply.

    Connecting to Wall Sockets

    Connecting this cable to a wall socket will also require the Inrico TM Series AC Power Adapter. See product information for details. Link.

    Cable Compatibility

    Please contact us if you want more information.

    This power cable is compatible with the Inrico TM 7Plus and TM9 mobile radios, as well as the DR10 (all sold separately).

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