iConvNet (PoC) Monthly Application


Inrico PoC application only for use with Android/iOS smartphones or devices that have data (cellular/Wi-Fi access). $10/month per device

10.00 10.0 CAD 10.00 per month


Not Available For Sale

    This combination does not exist.

    Buy an Inrico PoC radio:

    Get 2 months FREE Cell data + iConvNet PTT App


    Effective March 1, 2024 - all Inrico PoC radios purchased from us will be eligible for FREE cellular data + iConvNet PTT app for the first two months of purchase. After the first 2 months, this service will no longer be free. You will then then be required to make monthly or yearly payments to keep your services active.

    Subscribe for 1 year:

    Get 3 months FREE Cell data + iConvNet PTT App + Dispatch


    Everyone is included! Even current users of Inrico PoC radios can benefit. Sign up for a one-year term of cell data + iConvNet PTT app and receive three months for free. This translates to payment for only nine months out of twelve! What are you waiting for? Switch your plans and opt for 1 year subscription to start saving massively!

    iConvNet - Professional PTT App 

    Step into iConvNet where communication knows no bounds. iConvNet is the only PTT app designed specifically with it's own hardware. For this reason, iConvNet stands-out as a powerful tool for professional communications, allowing users to maximize the potential of your Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) radio in the most straightforward and cost-effective manner. While it seamlessly integrates with both iOS and Android devices, its foundation lies in Inrico. 

    Here are key features of iConvNet we think you'd like:

    Individual or Group Calls and Messages

    Inrico ensures you're always heard, whether it's a group chat or a one-on-one conversation, making work smoother.

    SOS and Emergency Plan

    Prioritizing safety in communication, the app features an SOS button, streamlining emergency planning. App also comes with Man Down, Static

    Video Dispatch (Industry Version Only)

    Connect with your team through video calling and duplex call recording.

    Replay PTT - Never miss a thing!

    Replay messages whenever needed, allowing workers to focus entirely on the current task.

    Dispatch Intelligently

    The iConvNet Dispatch Console functions is a centralized push-to-talk dispatch solution that intelligently integrates with the PTT App version of iConvNet.

    Flexible Payments

    Make monthly or yearly payments, whichever is most convenient for your services to stay active.

    Download, subscribe, and get talking.

    The power of push-to-talk awaits!

    Android Download  App Instructions

    How to Buy This Product

    Most of the work is taken care of in the background, so you can focus on your business.

    Simply add this product to cart and make associated payment. This will inform one of our agents to reach out and help process your order from start to finish.

    Here's an overview of the steps it will take:

    Ensure you have a PoC radio you will be using with this PoC service

    Feel free to buy one from us if you don't already have one.

    Mobile PoC  Portable PoC

    Add this product to your cart and complete payments

    Ensure you include your accurate contact information at checkout!

    After Payment, we will contact you within 24hrs to confirm key setup information

    So we can be sure your radio is ready-to-use upon receipt. Please call us if your needs are urgent.

    Get Delivered

    Everything you ordered will be ready-to-use upon receiving your license and login key!

    Typical Service Charges: iConvNet PTT App

    Monthly Plan
    PoC RadiosiConvNet PTT App ($10 per device per month)Total Payment (per month)
    2 person team$10 x 2 radios$20 + tax
    10 person team$10 x 10 radios$100 + tax

    Yearly Plan (Get 3 months FREE)
    PoC RadiosiConvNet PTT App ($90 per device per year) - * With three months FREE (save $30)Total Payment (per year)
    2 person team$90 x 2 radios (*save $30 per device per year)$180 + tax
    10 person team$90 x 10 radios (*save $30 per device per year)$900 + tax
    *Get 3 months FREE when you opt for a one-year subscription of iConvNet PTT app.

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