Wirox 50Q x1 Hygienic Ear Pad Covers


Cloth cover for the Wirox 50Q Headset designed to protect the earpads for the Wirox 50Q Headset.

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    Crafted from stitched cotton material, this sanitary ear pad cover is designed to protect the ear pads of your Wirox 50Q headset (sold separately)

    • Protects the headset's ear pads from scratches
    • Serves as a buffer between headset and ears for promoting hygienic use
    • Machine washable
    • Only x1 ear pad cover in this package.

    The Wirox 50Q Hygienic Ear Pad Cover is compatible with the Wirox Behind The Head Dual Muff Headset.

    Please note: The Wirox 50Q Headset is sold separately, and not included in this package.